Tips for Moving internationally

Moving to another country can be a challenging prospect. Relocating all of your possessions to a new international destination involves the completion of additional tasks not required with a domestic move. Below are some tips to remember to help you make your international move as smooth as possible.

Arrange Visas Early

Obtaining and organizing your visas is one of the most important tasks involved with moving to another country. Make sure this is taken care of since you and your family will not be able to reside in your new country without them.

Access and Backup Other Required Documents

Make sure the other documents you will need are accessible and up-to-date. These documents include birth/adoption certificates (long forms), marriage certificates, medical records, driver licenses, etc. Also, make a digital backup of these documents. Scan and store them on the cloud to ensure they are accessible at any time.

Research Vehicle Options

If you plan to take your vehicle with you, find out about the rules and regulations you may have to follow based on your destination. Find out if your country of destination restricts any types or models of vehicles from entering. An alternative is to simply sell your vehicle before you leave.

Declutter as Much as Possible

The more you take with you abroad, the more it will cost you for shipping. Therefore, it is a good idea to declutter as much as you can to avoid transporting items you really do not need. You may choose to donate, sell, or discard these items.

Prepare Financially

The financial system in your new country will likely be different than what you are used to in the United States. You will need to obtain a new bank account and operate under a new currency in your country of destination. You will have to learn how to purchase and manage your new property and other requirements regarding taxation, etc. You may be able to learn much of this information by doing some research online in advance. You could also speak to a financial advisor or your current bank to obtain information on the financial requirements in your new country.

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