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Moving Supplies: What Will you Need for your Upcoming Move?

Berger Allied Moving and Storage offers a wide assortment of moving supplies, packing materials, and various sized boxes, all of which are competitively priced. If you’re wondering where to get your supplies from, then consider asking your trusted movers to drop off whatever you may need right at your front door. Pack up your home with our quality moving supplies or ask our packers to do it for you. Make your upcoming relocation stress-free with help from the industry experts at Berger Allied.

We Offer Various Moving Supplies

Here’s a list of some of our most in-demand moving supplies:

Moving boxes – of different sizes, including wardrobe boxes and fragile item boxes with separation inserts.

Premium grade packaging tape – normally used to seal up boxes and containers.

Packing paper – to wrap breakables and everyday items to prevent scratching and damage, or to use as cushioning when crumpled up.

Tissue paper – to protect very delicate items like china and porcelain figurines.

Labels – to affix to containers, marking contents.

Permanent Markers – to write the contents of the container and its destination. Also used to mark “this side up” or “fragile” on boxes.

Bubble wrap – air-cushioned sheets provide the highest level of protection and can be useful for wrapping larger breakables such as framed pictures and lamps.

Anti-static bubble wrap – similar to regular bubble wrap but doesn’t cause static electricity, typically used for computers and electronics.

Stretch wrap – a thin membrane of flexible sheeting, used to wrap around large furniture to prevent scratches and damage.

Re-sealable plastic bags – keeps the bits and pieces of a larger item, usually nuts and bolts of furniture or appliances, together so they don’t get misplaced. Use tape to stick these bags to the item it belongs with.

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What moving supplies do I need?

Moving is more complex than many realize, often requiring numerous types of supplies. Some examples of this include moving boxes, packing paper, and tape that will keep boxes together. Bubble wrap, anti-static bubble wrap, and stretch wrap may also be beneficial in some situations.

Do moving companies supply boxes?

This depends on the services we are providing to you. If you would like our team to help you with packing, we can do that for you and give you a quote for the boxes you need. You may be able to purchase boxes from us as well. Reach out for more insight.

What supplies are needed for moving?

There are various supplies necessary for moving. That includes moving boxes and packaging tape. It is also beneficial to have bubble wrap that fits your specific type of items, labels, markets, and wrap. It can also be helpful to have resealable plastic bags for the move as well. Having the right-sized boxes and a bit of help to do the packing for you is often beneficial.

Where to buy packing supplies for moving?

There are various places you can purchase boxes and other moving supplies. However, when you buy from us, you may get a lower price thanks to the lower price that we are charged from our manufacturers. This may be a good way for you to reduce your costs overall, and it also means you are likely to find what you need in stock.

What is stretch wrap used for?

Stretch wrap is a type of moving supply. It is placed around one or more boxes items to help with holding them together., as well keeping them clean during the moving process.