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Laboratory Moving Checklist

It is important when moving a laboratory to pay special attention to the relocation of materials and experiments, making sure that equipment and research is not damaged or compromised. The laboratory moving checklist we provide below can help you keep track of every task that needs to be accomplished during the process of the move. It covers the before, during, and after relocation phases of your laboratory move.

Before Your Laboratory Move

Careful planning for a laboratory move is crucial. There are many technical considerations to be handled. Here are some important planning steps that need to be taken before your laboratory move:

  • Designated task manager for your team to manage the relocation process
  • Assign roles to team members (if you have a team). This enables the distribution of tasks and verification of when tasks are completed.
  • Develop an equipment and material database to have on record what is being moved.
  • Become familiar with state laws that govern the transportation of chemicals.
  • Find out if you need to obtain special authorization to move certain materials
  • Sort the materials in a way that prevents certain chemicals from being transported next to each other which would cause a fire hazard.
  • Develop a timeline for your move.
  • Perform an evaluation of your new facility and location.
  • Research laboratory movers serving your area.
  • Choose a laboratory mover.
  • Communicate with your laboratory mover about any special requirements related to the move.
  • Order any new equipment you intend to add to your new location and schedule its delivery on or after the moving date.

During Your Laboratory Move

Many of the following tasks will be completed by your professional laboratory moving team. Therefore, it is important to have chosen movers with the proper experience and confidence to transport your laboratory materials and equipment safely and efficiently.

  • Maintain close communication with the movers to ask any questions, receive any questions, or provide the movers with direction.
  • Ensure the initial plans for the move are being executed.

After Your Laboratory Move

At your new location, the laboratory movers will most likely handle the unpacking and reassembling activities. Stay in continual contact with movers to ensure your lab is set up according to plan the process runs efficiently.

  • Make sure all the materials and equipment have arrived undamaged.
  • Monitor the unpacking of the materials.
  • Ensure proper safety regulations and warnings are displayed.
  • Oversee the placement of lab materials and equipment, ensuring the guidance developed in the planning phase regarding material segregation and placement is followed.

This laboratory moving checklist will help you effectively prepare for your move and monitor its progress.

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