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Residential Moving Checklist

If you plan to move to a new home in the near future, here is a free moving checklist to help you prepare in advance and avoid unnecessary hassles along the way. This checklist is designed to give you sufficient time to make decisions, modify plans, and relocate in an efficient and seamless manner.

3 Months Before Moving Day

  • Choose a moving company.
  • Sort through items in your basement, garage, and loft.
  • Decide what to do with hazardous items.
  • Decide whether you will be taking your car to the new residence.
  • Make provisions for moving your pets (i.e. get necessary documentation, vaccinations, etc.).

10 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Dispose of, give away, or sell the items you are not going to take with you.

8 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Prepare and send out change of addresses to people and entities that need it.
  • Notify credit card companies, banks, rental companies, magazine subscriptions, etc. of your new address.
  • Gather marriage and birth certificates, passports, and other important family documentation.
  • Apply for any required visas.

6 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Ensure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date.
  • Put your children’s favorite toys in one location.
  • Inform the U.S. Postal Service to forward your mail on a certain day.
  • Decide if you need to buy any household goods for your new residence.

4 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Decide what clothes to take with you.
  • Return library books.
  • Arrange a connection date for services/utilities at your new home.
  • Arrange for the cancellation of newspapers, subscriptions, etc. at your current residence.

1 Week Before Moving Day

  • Plan simple meals for moving day that do not require the use of appliances.
  • Defrost the refrigerator and freezer.
  • Clean bicycles, garden tools, and gardening equipment.
  • Identify and collect items you need for personal travel.
  • Empty the tanks of lawnmowers and other power tools.
  • Collect local currency or travelers’ checks.
  • Make sure you have at least two weeks’ worth of medication along with copies of important prescriptions you may need to use along the way or at your destination.

Moving / Delivery Day

  • Be present to direct the movers as needed, monitor their progress, and answer their questions as they inventory your belongings.
  • Before the moving truck leaves, check everywhere, including in closets to make sure nothing has been left behind.
  • Before signing the moving contract, read all the documents carefully.
  • Confirm the driver’s destination address and give the driver your cell phone number just in case.
  • As the crew unloads the truck, be available to supervise the placement of boxes and items, and answer questions. If possible, check off the items as the crew unloads.
  • Be ready to pay the mover per your agreement.
  • Before you sign any papers, take note of any damaged or missing items on the inventory list.

After the Move

  • Keep all documents and receipts related to the move in a separate file. Store the file away in an easy-to-remember and retrievable location.
  • If any of your items are damaged or missing, contact the moving company ASAP to file a formal claim.

By following the residential moving checklist provided above, you can experience a more organized and efficient relocation.

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