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International Moving Checklist

Even a simple move from one side of town to the other can have its fair share of difficulties. However, moving to another country involves an entirely different type of relocation effort. That is why it is important to have a complete international relocation checklist at your fingertips to help ensure the most efficient and successful international move possible.

Here is a standard international moving checklist you can follow:

1. Get the Necessary Paperwork

  • Find out the specific requirements regarding paperwork for your new country
  • You will need passports or visas for every person moving
  • Get in touch with the embassy or consulate of your new country and confirm you have the right information

2. Choose Your International Mover

  • Begin searching for a quality international mover at least a few months before your move
  • Perform your own research and/or obtain recommendations from others you trust

3. Choose Schools for Your Children

  • Look into schooling options in your new international locality, including homeschooling and private schooling
  • Obtain recommendations from others who have moved from the U.S. to your new country or from the U.S. Embassy
  • Contact any potential schools that qualify and learn more about their curriculum, teachers, class sizes, facilities, and language issues

4. Decide What Items to Bring With You

  • Do not bring 120 V electrical appliances to your new country – most will not work
  • Do not bring bulky, large personal items if possible
  • Bring a multi-month supply of toiletries and medications to save you from having to shop for those items at the beginning of your residency
  • Bring important smaller personal items, including clothing and other items of personal meaning

5. Choose an Option to Ship Your Vehicle(s)

  • Find out the cost to rent or lease your vehicle after you arrive in your new country
  • Find out if there are any special duties or tariffs for importing your vehicle
  • Get any important information and advice from your international mover and your new country’s embassy about shipping your vehicle

6. Pack and Separate Items You Will Carry On Your Own and Those to Be Professionally Shipped

  • Carefully separate your items, most of which you will probably have professionally shipped
  • Expect the complete shipping process to take weeks or months
  • Pack the items you will carry with you during your trip, including important documents, seasonal clothing, medications, and toys for the kids

7. Obtain and Distribute Your Contact Info

  • Maintain your domestic telephone number until you leave
  • If possible, get a cell phone from which you can make and receive calls both in the U.S. and in your new country

With the above international moving checklist, you can maximize your preparation and make every stage of your move easier.

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