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Commercial Moving Checklist

The necessary preparation for a commercial move is often more complex than for a standard residential relocation. For this reason, when moving commercially, it is important to have and follow a commercial moving checklist. This checklist can help you stay organized and on schedule from start to finish with the relocation of your business entity or office.

Below is a comprehensive commercial moving checklist you can follow:

Six Months Prior to the Move

  • Designate one individual to manage the preparations for your move and one individual from each department to handle questions and superintend the organization of the relocation
  • If applicable, find and hire an interior designer for your new space
  • Plan the layout of the phone and computer systems in your new space
  • If applicable, order new furniture for your new commercial space
  • Research potential commercial moving companies

Four Months Prior to the Move

  • With your planning team, make final decisions about the layout and structure of your new commercial space
  • Finalize plans for the computer and phone systems in your new space

8 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Set up disconnection and connection of utilities
  • Coordinate and schedule with the vendors the relocation of leased equipment
  • Order new business cards, stationery, and any other office supplies so they display the new address and phone number of your company
  • Select and hire your commercial moving company

4 Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Send a move request to the U.S. Postal Service
  • Write and send a formal letter to clients about your move
  • Inform vendors, suppliers, insurance companies, and banks, including any other important parties about your move
  • Publish a press release about your pending move
  • Coordinate with your planning team to finish any remaining tasks related to the move

Two or Three Weeks Prior to the Move

  • Make final plans with all existing and new building managers
  • Order and/or assign desk locations, parking spaces, keys, phone numbers, etc.
  • Verify the installation of computer and phone systems
  • Complete a final walk-through of the new space with your moving company

One Week Before Moving Day

  • Verify the moving schedule with your commercial relocation company
  • Review the plans for your new space to make sure everything is prepared for moving day
  • Begin packing items you will not need to use until you are settled into your new space (if you are self-packing)

The Day Before Moving Day

  • Update your company’s website and social media contact information
  • Make sure all boxes receive proper labels
  • Give your employees information about the layout of your new commercial space

On Moving Day

  • Finalize and supervise the installation of computer and phone systems
  • Direct the moving company to place the boxes based on their labels
  • Have your employees unpack their boxes (unless the moving company is performing all unpacking activities)

This commercial moving checklist will help you achieve an efficient and streamlined relocation for your business and employees.

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