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Berger Allied Moving Quotes

Are you looking for moving quotes from reliable companies? Let’s talk! Berger Allied is a company with over one hundred years of experience in the moving & storage industry, and it shows from our careful moving estimates to our top-notch customer service. Estimates with Berger Allied are no-obligation: You don’t need to sign a contract or pay to get an estimate. When you get in contact with us, one of our moving specialists will take the time to learn more about where you’re moving and the items in your home.

Once we have the necessary information, we can provide you with moving quotes that cover the cost of loading your items, moving them, and unloading them into your new home. From there you can choose whether or not to work with Berger Allied, with full knowledge that our specialists understand the nuances of your move. You are free to ask questions about the moving process now, or any time during your move.

At Berger Allied, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide consistent moving quotes & services, but if you think your belongings need a closer look, we also offer virtual moving surveys by phone so you and a specialist can discuss your household’s needs in detail before you receive your moving quote. During a virtual survey, one of our representatives will call you and participate in a guided tour of your belongings over a video chat. This will let you show us the items you need moved. Virtual surveys are best if you have belongings that you believe will require special treatment, such as particularly valuable or fragile belongings. While a virtual survey is by no means required in order to get a moving estimate, we are always happy to book one with you!