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Local Moving Checklist

Planning an upcoming local move can be more stressful and complicated than you may realize at first. However, as moving day gets closer, the reality of all that needs to be done becomes more and more apparent. To make the entire moving process as easy and seamless as possible, it is important to have a local moving checklist on hand you can refer to step-by-step.

Many of the items on the checklist we have presented below can be completed anywhere from 1 to 6 weeks in advance of moving day.

To maximize the efficiency of your local move, here is our suggested local moving checklist:

4 to 6 Weeks Prior to Your Move

  • Determine how much your move will cost using a moving calculator
  • Research potential moving companies
  • Schedule one or more moving estimates from potential moving companies
  • Begin packing any items the moving company will not be packing for you
  • Donate or sell items you no longer need

2 to 3 Weeks Prior to Your Move

  • Choose a moving company as your provider
  • Schedule a relocation date with your moving company
  • Notify the post office of your relocation date and new address
  • Notify relevant utility companies and businesses about your relocation date
  • Obtain change of address forms

1 Week Prior to Your Move

  • Clean any furniture you are moving
  • Disassemble and consolidate furniture as needed
  • Create unobstructed paths in your home for moving professionals to work

The Day Before Your Move

  • Disconnect electronics and any appliances you are moving
  • Identify and pack an “essential items” box or bag
  • Seal all boxes in preparation for their transport
  • Lay down protective material on your carpet at your new and/or current home to handle foot traffic

The Day Before Your Move With Hired Packers

  • Perform a walk-through of your items with your professional packers
  • Pack items you no longer want or need in a separate container or location
  • Note and identify any delicate items that require extra care
  • Perform a final walk-through with your packers
  • Count the number of boxes and containers your moving professionals packed

Moving Day Loading Activities

  • Make sure the walkways and driveway are clear
  • Greet the moving team upon their arrival
  • Perform a walk-through with the moving professionals
  • Sign the Bill of Lading
  • Load your vehicle with any valuables you want out of the hands of the moving team
  • Perform a second and final walk-through
  • Provide the moving team leader with your new address and phone number

Moving Day Unloading Activities

  • Be at your new home when the moving team arrives
  • Perform a walk-through of your new home with one or more members of the moving team
  • Direct the moving team in their unloading activities as needed
  • Perform a final walk-through of your new home
  • Sign the Bill of Lading
  • Pay the moving company for its services

With this local moving checklist in hand, you can help ensure a more organized and efficient moving experience for you and your family.

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