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Long Distance Moving Checklist

Moving long distance is somewhat different than simply moving across town. It is important to have all bases covered with your long distance move. Once you have relocated hundreds or thousands of miles away, it is not that simple to just turn around and drive back to your old residence to grab something you forgot. Having a long distance moving checklist on hand is highly beneficial to ensure you and your family experience the most efficient and hassle-free move as possible.

Below is our suggested long distance moving checklist to use as your moving day approaches. Depending on the size of your move, you may want to start performing these tasks anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your moving day.

1. Prepare Your Items for the Move

  • Identify the items you will be moving
  • Sell, donate, or discard the items you no longer need

2. Prepare and Organize Packing Supplies

  • Buy packing materials, including shipping tape, boxes, etc. from a home improvement store or office supplier

3. Eliminate Consumable and Perishable Items Before Moving Day

  • Eat or give away food (refrigerated and frozen)
  • Use or properly discard household cleaners, paint, bug sprays, etc.

4. Measure Your New Space for Furniture

  • Take necessary measurements of room dimensions and doorways, etc. to ensure your furniture will fit properly in your new home

5. Give Your Change of Address to Important Entities

  • Credit card companies, insurance companies, banks
  • Utilities, schools, and more

6. Start Packing (if you are fully or partially packing your items)

  • Use a box labeling system to quickly identify the contents of your boxes
  • You may want to label your boxes according to what room they are assigned to in your new home
  • Pack the items least used first, such as holiday decorations and seasonal clothing

7. Contact Utilities for Shut-off and Turn-on

  • Schedule and confirm arrangements for electricity, heat, water, and any other utilities to be disconnected at your old home and connected at your new home

8. Verify Your Moving Day Appointment With Your Moving Company

  • A few days before moving day, contact your mover to confirm the moving arrangements (places, times, cost, etc.)
  • Be prepared to pay your mover upon delivery. Tips are appreciated, but not required.

By following this long distance moving checklist, you can help make your relocation as organized, efficient, and seamless as possible.

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