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Make your Move Easier with Professional Unpacking and Packing Services

Is the thought of packing and unpacking everything on your own causing too much worry? Then make your move easier with professional packing services. At Berger Allied Moving and Storage, our specialized, experienced packers and movers use time-tested methods to streamline relocations. Let us help you with the task of packaging all your household belongings. Whether you require additional assistance or a team to completely oversee the boxing, our packing services is sure to take the stress out of your move.

Packing Services: Leave the Time-Consuming, Tedious Job to Us!

Sometimes, with so much to do in such a short span of time, you may need to ask for support to complete it all. Our knowledgeable crew can come to your home and take over what’s often the most tedious, time-consuming part of moving: packing! Since we offer a free, no-hassle quote, one of our friendly relocation agents will listen to your requests and assess your needs, before providing you with a detailed estimate. Not only will enlisting packing services speed up your transfer, but it will also simplify the entire process.

Our professional packers offer:

  • Free, no-obligation quotes
  • Trained, industry-experienced, insured teams
  • Worry-free results
  • Decades of moving and packing experience

We Also Provide Unpacking Assistance

After you’ve finally arrived at your new residence, we can help settle you in faster with our unpacking assistance. Since we may not know where you’d like things to go, simply point us in the right direction and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re happy to help configure rooms, set-up entertainment systems, and assemble furniture too. Get your home up and running in no time with our pros stocking your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and placing your cookware. Instead of it taking weeks or months to place everything properly, with our assistance your household items can be perfectly arranged in a matter of hours or days.

Call Berger Allied Moving and Storage today to find out more about our various unpacking, packing and moving services.

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How long will it take to pack my belongings for the move?

That is a question that is hard to answer because many factors play a role in the time it takes to pack for a move. Most of the time, a professional team can complete a small home within a day and sometimes within a matter of hours. The larger the home, the more items within it, and the more delicate those items are, the longer it will take.

What packing services do you offer?

Our team can help you with most packing services. That means we can pack up everything in your home room by room. We can box items, wrap them for travel, and pack them into the truck. We can also bring them into the proper room for you. We also provide unpacking services.

Can I do some of my own packing?

Yes, you can pack the items you want and need to. Our team will do as much of the packing as you need us to or do all of it for you. It is often the case that people want to pack some of their items on their own. That is not a problem.

What should I do with my jewelry and other valuable items?

If you have very valuable items, it may be best to pack them and travel with them yourself. If you would like us to pack them for you, we will place them into boxes and secure them to the best of our ability. Ask us about the specifics of any pieces that you have.

Do you provide pack and unpack services while moving?

Yes, we provide both packing services for when you are getting ready to move and unpacking services for your new location. This helps make your home ready to go.

What Advice Would You Give When Packing?

We recommend that you let us do the packing for you.

Does Your Moving Company Supply Packaging Materials And Cardboard Moving Boxes?

Yes, we can provide the necessary packing materials for your move.

What Type Of Packing And Unpacking Services Do You Offer?

Contact us to find out what options we offer based on the location.

Can I Pack Some Items Myself?

Yes, but we can help.

Can I Pack Anything In The Drawers Of My Dresser Or Desk?

Not recommended, contact us for more information.