The process of moving is naturally busy and often stressful. If you have children, the added responsibilities can make the process even busier. For children, moving is often exciting, but it can also be filled with uncertainty and anxiety. Regardless of the reason for the move, it is important to include your children in the process of moving to make it as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Below are some suggested tips for moving with children:

Conduct a Family Meeting to Discuss the Move

In discussing the move with your children, it is important to frame the move as a great family adventure. You can leverage as much good as possible about the move with your kids by discussing it and planning a fun event around it. For instance, make sure your children know that after the move is complete the entire family will spend the day at the beach or go out for ice cream. Plan activities ahead as much as possible so your children know what to expect. As moving day draws near, you can keep the move the subject of conversation in a positive way and discover and head off anything that may be causing your child to have fears about the coming change.

Help Your Kids Participate

Kids often love to participate in family activities and projects. There are many opportunities to give your children a role while keeping them safe and out of the hazardous aspects of moving. You can have your kids dust at the last minute or get water for the movers or perform a number of other easy tasks. Just make sure the tasks are safe and your children are rewarded for their help.

Keep Your Children’s Toys Close By

Prepare a box or special bag in which to keep your child’s most important toys and possessions. Having these items accessible by your child is a great way to keep him or her relaxed and preoccupied. You can keep older children occupied with activities or books, while you are engaged in the moving process.

Take a Break from Unpacking

After your items have been delivered to your new residence, the unpacking process begins. Unpacking can take hours to complete. Therefore, it is important to take a break at some point with your children. You might want to plan a visit to a fun place in the neighborhood, such as a playground, hiking trail, or even a local pizza place. Or, you may just want to take the family for a walk around the neighborhood.

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