Tips for Moving Furniture

Whether you are moving into a new home or office, or simply rearranging furniture, moving that furniture can be a challenging task. There are some techniques you can use, however, to make the task much easier physically. Some of these techniques are explained below.

Slide Furniture

By using furniture slides, you can significantly lessen the physical strain of moving furniture around. The slides are available in many sizes and shapes at home improvement stores and through purchase online. You can even make your own sliders from household items such as towels, pieces of carpet, Frisbees, or plastic container covers. When moving furniture on hard flooring, use soft, padded sliders. When moving furniture on carpeting, use hard plastic sliders.

Remove the Back From a Recliner

Moving a recliner can be difficult unless the back of a recliner is removed from the piece. You can accomplish this by locating the back brackets on the inside or outside of the back frame. Then, lift the locking levers on each side – you may need long nose pliers to accomplish this. Next, slide the back of the recliner straight up to separate it from the recliner. Tie the foot rest down so it doesn’t spring open while you are moving the recliner. Always lift the recliner up from the sides, not from the foot rests or the back.

Take As Much Apart as Possible

When you are carrying any piece of furniture through a doorway, if that furniture does not fit through the opening, remove items that will make its profile sleeker. For instance, if possible, remove the feet from a sofa to give yourself a few extra inches. It is also easier to remove any shelves, drawers, legs, and racks from other types of furniture to lessen the weight you need to bear while trying to maneuver the piece through a doorway.

Transport Tall Items Low and High

Tall items such as filing cabinets, dressers, and shelving units can be very awkward to lift and transport by hand. Two people are generally required to move these items. The way to efficiently transport these items is to tip the item backward and then have one person carry the bottom of the item while the other person carries the top. This makes the weight distribution more stable and the item easier to control. This also makes the item much easier to carry up and down stairs because the angle at which the item is carried will generally be similar to the slope of the stairs.

Stand Couches on End

When you are moving a couch into a room, before entering the hallway leading to the room, position the couch on its end and then slide the couch into the doorway. If the couch is somewhat taller than the door opening, position the top of the couch away from the door to add several inches of clearance space.

Hook Chairs Around Corners

Large easy chairs can be difficult to move. You can maneuver these chairs around corners like an L shape, moving the back of the chair first through the doorway. Then, hook or curl the chair around the frame of the door to slip it in the room.

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