Best Packibg Tips & Tricks

The process of packing and moving to a new home is no small endeavor. The enormity of the task can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, the challenge can be made easier by applying some effective packing tips.

Begin Packing Early

Do not wait until the last minute to begin your packing. Start as early as possible to make the entire process easier and to help avoid unnecessary stress in the days leading up to your move.

You can start the process by making a complete list of the packing tasks you need to get done before moving day. Giving yourself plenty of time to pack will allow you to accomplish a little bit each day in the weeks leading up to the move.

Fill Up Boxes Completely, Including the Gaps

Make sure your boxes are filled up without space in between items that allows them to shift around during transport and cause breakage. You can fill in any gaps with smaller items or with the addition of bubble wrap, clothing, rags, or other soft material. You can pack some of your T-shirts in between fragile items such as lamps, dishes, and glassware. In this way you can save money on packing materials and pack some of your clothing at the same time.

Use an Easy-to-Identify Box Labeling System

Use a numbering system to label your boxes. The numbering system could identify the room in which the movers are to place the box. Write the number on the top of the box and all four sides to make identifying it easier when the boxes are stacked or piled close together. You should have a master list of items that includes the box numbers and the items contained in those boxes.

Pack Heavy Items in Small Boxes and Light Items in Large Boxes

Smaller boxes are easier to lift and carry than large, heavy

Best Packibg Tips & Tricks

boxes which are susceptible to tearing open at the bottom during transport. For this reason, it is important to pack lighter items in large boxes and heavier items in small boxes.

Pack an Overnight Bag

To make things easier on you after a hard day of moving, pack an overnight bag with clothing and toiletry supplies for the first day and night at your new residence. This will free you from the necessity to locate these items among the numerous boxes you may have yet to open at the end of your moving day.

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