One of the challenges people face when searching for local movers in my area is finding a quality moving service. Quality not only refers to the company’s ability to safely move your household items, but it also means quality in customer service and in pricing.

Local moving and storage companies bill by the hour, which is a different billing method from long distance movers. Billing by the hour can be very cost-effective for the customer. Other companies may offer a flat rate per move. This is usually based on the square footage of the current home.

This is also cost-effective for people with typical types of household furniture and items. Most local moving and storage companies charge additional fees for oversized items such as a billiard table or piano or other similarly heavy items.

Know Additional Fees

When searching for local movers in my area, be sure to read past customer reviews. Some local moving companies quote a very low rate per hour but then add on additional fees.

These additional fees can include added costs if the unloading location is over a certain distance from the new residence. Other hidden fees can include taking apart and putting together furniture, the need to carry items up or down the stairs, or issues with waiting for an elevator if you are moving into a condo or apartment.

Be sure to talk to local moving and storage companies to understand the hourly or flat rate for the local move, as well as all the additional fees.