Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Beyond Distribution has both local and interstate routes.   Your choices will be discussed based on type of equipment you own, and whether you want to be home every night or are willing to be gone from home over night ore several nights.

This will depend on the market you work in.  Most markets operate in about 150-mile radius for local routes.


Payment is based on the stop or the route, and depending on the customer and product you are delivering.

Your revenue will be paid as the stop or route is closed on the delivery tablet.  The following day the stops and or route is audited and sent to the billing module.  Typically, you can anticipate being paid within 24 hours after either the stop or the route is closed.

On Sunday your statement posts to the driver’s portal.  All the revenue for stops or routes closed and processed will show up on the statement.  Any expenses or advances for the week are also posted on the statement.

Beyond Distribution drivers carry a Comdata card that settlements and advances are downloaded to.  If you choose, you can either use it as a direct debit on the Comdata or transfer your monies to your own bank account.


For local work generally a straight truck with a 24’-28’ box is required.  For longer multi-day routes, generally a sleeper tractor is best.

Beyond Distribution is not a leasing company.  We do have relationships with several companies that provide all types of trucks for lease and lease/purchase.  Beyond can assist qualified candidates to set those arrangement up.

Besides the truck, drivers need a set of tools for furniture set up.  Most like to carry dollies to assist with the delivery.


Beyond Distribution defines white glove delivery as 2-man delivery into the home or office with complete unpacking and assembly of the product and the hauling away of all debris from the delivery.

Drivers are required to have labor for every delivery.  Drivers running multi-day routes generally have to carry a helper with them.

A CDLA is not required if you are operating a “C rated” straight truck.  If the route requires a tractor driver, then a CDLA would be required.

Yes, Beyond Distribution does require their contractors to be incorporated, either as a Limited Liability Company or a Corporation.

You will need insurance on the truck as well as bobtail insurance.  The cost depends on the value of the truck.  You will also need to carry workers’ compensation insurance.  Beyond has various programs to assist you to get the appropriate insurance based on the state you operate out of.