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Berger Allied Movers In Maplewood, MN Offer Parents Advice

Maplewood, MN parents may not know who to turn to for advice on an upcoming relocation. While a transfer is overwhelming for most individuals, the fact is, it’s downright stressful for children. So, how can you help your little ones cope with such an event? Luckily, Berger Allied, movers with years of industry experience and friendly teams, have the following advice to lessen the strain on both kids and their doting parents. 

Snap A Few Shots Of Favorite Locations 

Ease the emotional upheaval of relocation on kids by spending some time snapping a few shots of their favorite activities and locations. Even if you’re staying within the same neighborhood or town, this occasion can prove a stressful event that marks their childhood. As such, lessen the worry with pictures of sights that comfort them. Once the movers have unloaded the last box and you’re all settled in, you can then spend family time creating a picture book that captures the adventure. Not sure where to start? Why not take a few pics of family favorites like the Battle Creek Regional Park, Bruce Vento Regional Bike Trail, The Ponds At Battle Creek, Aldrich Arena, and the Ramsey County Library? 

Let The Little Ones Pack For The Journey 

Although you may want to turn down your 6-year-old’s offer to help wrap the priceless bone china, it doesn’t mean there isn’t something else they can be in charge of. Why not ask them to gather their most prized possessions for the journey? No doubt, they’ll be more than happy to oversee such a vital task! Give them a few containers or bins to decorate as well, so they know exactly where Mr. Snuggles was stashed. 

First Things First, Their Room! 

First things first, you’ll want to unpack their room once the movers drop off their boxes. In doing so, you’re setting up an environment that will ensure their comfort, both emotionally and physically. Also, letting them unpack and set-up their space gives them something to do so they’re not underfoot while you’re trying to figure out where you packed the toilet paper! 

Bend The Rules A Bit… For Now 

In this time of uncertainty and chaos, consider bending the rules for just a little while until things calm down. Sure, the kids aren’t allowed to have supper in the living room or get to bed later than 8:30, but for now, let them have just a smidgen of leeway. In doing so, you’ll distract them from any anxiety they may have while giving them the opportunity to feel good about the relocation.

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