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What Factors Affect Costs for Nationwide Movers in Wayzata, MN?

Many factors affect the cost of hiring nationwide movers, whether you’re located in Wayzata, MN or New York City, NY. However, these factors are typically the same no matter who your chosen relocation company may be. As such, it’s essential for residents to learn what things may drive up the end cost of their service package, to better understand the necessity of such expenses. For some clear guidance on the issue, you may want to read the following information before you book your upcoming transfer!

Factor #1: The Distance to The New Site

The distance to the new site is indeed a factor when nationwide movers calculate end cost. Really, it’s no big surprise, because the further away you relocate, the more expenses add up. Gas and the hours spent in a car are some of the biggest expenses. Unfortunately, they are also the least avoidable.

Factor #2: Additional Help with Packing

If you opt to hire a helping hand (or two), then extra fees will be added to your package price. However, it may come as a surprise that using this option can, in fact, reduce your overall cost in the end. Howe, you may wonder? Well, consider this: when professional packers box your precious belongings, you’re bound to avoid potential breakage and damage.

Factor #3: Overseeing and Organizing the Move

Of course, you can always try and organize your overseas relocation on your own. But, you may think this to be a painful, obstacle-ridden course as, well, you have no clue what you’re doing! Therefore, when selecting the expert services of nationwide movers like Berger Allied, there’s no need to oversee any details as that’s all part of our job!

From Wayzata to… Anywhere in the World!

West of the Interstate 494/394 corridor is Wayzata, a mere 11 miles from the downtown core of Minneapolis. For over 150 years, since the time of its founding, both visitors and residents have been inspired by its sheer beauty. Nestled at the northeast section of Lake Minnetonka, in Wayzata Bay, this breathtaking town looks out over the serene blue waters of the lake, a historical region with many secluded bays, islands, and heavily wooded meandering shorelines. Here, in this heavenly haven, you can count on Berger Allied to help you with all your transfer needs. We’re only too happy to support this small community, one that has trusted our company for countless years.

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2950 Long Lake Road
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2950 Long Lake Road
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