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Need a Long Distance Moving Company in St. Paul, MN?

Planning a long distance move? Why not use our moving checklist to get things done faster – and make sure you don’t leave anything behind! At Berger Allied Moving and Storage, our long distance moving company assures efficient, smooth relocations, so you can get to your new home quickly. Give us a call today if you’re in search of a team that truly cares about your move.

Our Long Distance Moving Company Checklist To-Dos

Prepare early for your relocation with our moving checklist. The earlier you start organizing the entire transfer, the less stressful the whole ordeal will be. As well, you’re assured a smoother move by sticking to a checklist, allowing you to have different members of the family pitch in and follow what needs to be done to make sure the big day happens without a hitch.

Eight Weeks Before the Move:

  • Schedule your big day with your movers.
  • Go through your storage spaces, such as shed, basement, and attic, and start packing what you’ll bring with you.
  • Start using up your frozen foods – the things that won’t be transferred with your belongings.

Six Weeks Before the Move:

  • Evaluate every item in your home. Discard or give away the things that won’t be kept.
  • Make a list of all the companies and businesses you need to notify of your address change, such as professional contacts, medical and dental clinics, and creditors.
  • Speak to your long distance moving company if you believe you’ll need temporary storage, be it in-transit or upon arrival.
  • Acquire personal records from accountants, schools, lawyers, dentists, doctors, etc.

Four Weeks Before the Move:

  • Contact the post office to submit a change of address.
  • If you have pets, then arrange for special transport for them if need be.
  • Contact utility services to transfer services to your new home and provide them with your new address.
  • Ask your long distance moving company to drop off moving supplies and begin packing items you won’t need for the next month. If you need help, schedule a time for packers to come over.

Three Weeks Before the Move:

  • Figure out how you’ll be getting to your new home on moving day. If you’re planning on getting there by plane, don’t purchase for the same day of your moving day should there be any unexpected delays.
  • Pack up all your important personal documents, including stocks, deeds, will, insurance coverage, etc.


Two Weeks Before the Move:

  • Bring your car in to be serviced and checked to make sure it can handle the trip, if you’re going by car.
  • If you live in a place that has elevators, speak to the building manager to reserve an elevator on moving day.

One Week Before the Move:

  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer.
  • Disconnect your appliances and prepare them for the transfer.
  • Pack an overnight bag with the personal items you’ll need for a couple of nights, including medication, toothbrush and paste, eyewear, two sets of clothing, and sleepwear.

On Moving Day:

  • Speak to the movers once they arrive to clarify the plan for the day.
  • Place the items you’ll be bringing with you in a designated corner.
  • Make sure you have water, snacks, and food set aside for the day.

Still looking for a long distance moving company in St. Paul? Give us a call today at Berger Allied Moving and Storage for experienced professionals to get you to your new home in no time.


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