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Watch Out For 3 Things When You Get Moving Quotes In Lauderdale, MN

Get Moving Quotes for Your Next Move

When you get moving quotes in Lauderdale, MN, you’ll need to watch out for three things that will greatly affect the end cost of your relocation. As you can imagine, not all transfer teams are created equal. And, the reality is, many of them aren’t reliable. Usually, it’s the companies that offer rock-bottom prices that you need to keep an eye on. If your evaluation is simply too good to be true, it may very well be. In these instances, you should question such an amazing price. The last thing you want is to get an invoice that’s twice the amount of the original evaluation! So, make sure you hire a quality mover, one like Berger Allied that is upfront about costs and doesn’t hide any fees, by watching out for the following three red flags. 

Always Get Moving Quotes In Writing 

Whether it’s a local or interstate relocation, always ask for the evaluation price in writing. If it’s not on paper, it might as well be a figment of your imagination. Never trust verbal pricing as the costs can end up being drastically different when all is said and done. If you can’t get the amount on paper, have the evaluator send it to you in the mail or by email.  

Get Every Charge On That Contract Beforehand 

Before signing off on an evaluation, get the relocation company to cite every single charge in the contract. This includes potential charges that you may not need right now but could eventually require at some point. If those costs aren’t on paper, you may get a nasty surprise on your invoice upon arrival. Consider asking for the following things: 

  • An estimate on the number of movers 
  • An estimate on how many hours they’ll need 
  • The cost of travel, both to and from their location and your new one 
  • The cost of fuel 
  • An understanding of whether you’ll be obliged to pay for manpower during breaks 
  • A detailed, itemized list of items for shipping 
  • The price of additional services you may need at some point, like mattress bags, runners, blankets, and assistance with packing 

Be Wary Of Low-Ball Weight Numbers 

Many people don’t realize that a chunk of the cost goes according to the weight of items when loaded on the truck. As such, they’re not really keeping an eye on those numbers, so when they get moving quotes, they’re not paying attention to those charges. However, unrealistic weight numbers can skyrocket pricing, so be wary of this underhanded sales tactic. 


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