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Climate-Controlled Long-Term Storage In Shoreview, MN

Among the Best Long-Term Storage Options

If you need long-term storage in Shoreview, MN, don’t overlook the benefits of a climate-controlled environment for your belongings. Regardless of whether or not you live in a region with four distinct seasons or an area that is mild most of the year, climate controlled long-term storage offers many advantages over a facility that does not controlled their indoor atmosphere. At Berger Allied Moving & Storage, we have a vast number of highly-secure locations across America, all of which are climate-controlled for temporary warehousing. Let us help you when you need a place to store your stuff!

Long-Term Storage With Controlled Temperatures

What’s the big deal about climate-controlled long-term storage? That’s a great question – and here’s the answer!

Temperature protection

When the temperature is controlled in an indoor environment, items are less likely to suffer damage due to temperature fluctuations. In particular, ambient temperature affects objects made of wood, such as hardwood tables, musical instruments, and antique items, objects that can split, crack or warp when exposed to extreme cold or heat.

Air Quality

When you’re warehousing things for an extended period of time, air quality is an essential component to be considered. Typically, climate controlled units are well-sealed, with proper ventilation system to ensure optimal air quality and circulation. Thus, the indoor surroundings where items are stowed are always fresh and clean. When it comes to upholstered furniture, documents, electronics, mattresses, and other material items, air quality is a priority to lessen the chance of mould and musty smell build-up.

Humidity Control

Buildings that offer climate control also assure humidity levels are controlled as well. When the moisture in the air is regulated, there’s no concern for damaged associated with humidity. When there’s too much water in the air, there’s risk of rotting, mildew growth, moulding, or warping. Conversely, too little moisture results in splintering and cracking, especially in items made of wood, though musical instruments and electronics are also sensitive to these issues.

We Have The Warehousing Solution For You!

When you need a place to safely, securely stow your residential or commercial belongings, call on Berger Allied Moving & Storage. Contact us today to find out about our warehousing solutions for your storage problems.


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