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Local Moves Are Done Best with Berger Allied

Berger Allied Moves Phoenix, Arizona and Beyond

Your household moves may always feel like a frenzy. Between packing boxes and breaking down the bed frame, all your time just seems to disappear. That’s where Berger Allied comes in. We offer comprehensive moving services including packing, furniture assembly/disassembly, even setting up appliances! Let us take some of the hassle of out your next move.

How to Prepare for a Move

Your move will go best when you have a plan. We work with you to do a full accounting of your belongings so that both you and us get a full understanding of your situation. This begins with a Berger consultant reaching out to you and learning more about your home. These consultants are veterans in the moving industry, and have seen moves for houses of all shapes and sizes. They learn about your expectations, budget, and time frame, and put together a custom plan for you.

Berger Allied recommends following this 3-step process:

  1. Take Inventory: Start looking through your belongings and determining what you’re ready to bring. It’s not a bad idea to do a little spring cleaning at this time too. Run through each room and choose what you want to take with you versus what you want to donate or toss.
  2. Start Packing: If everything can be moved and stored easily, your move will go much smoother. Start putting together your belongings in boxes so they can easily be loaded onto to a moving truck. If you want to save yourself the hassle, our team will be happy to provide packing services instead
  3. Rearrange the Furniture: We want to be able to conduct our moves quickly, which means not running into chairs or walking around big tables. Try to put everything that needs to get moved first nearer to the entrance, and leave plenty of room for maneuvering around.

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602 South 54th Avenue
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