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One of the Most Exceptional Long Distance Moving Companies in Phoenix, AZ

We understand that a significant amount of stress accompanies every move. Not only do you have concerns about moving your personal possessions, but if you have children or pets, that adds to your stress load. At Berger Allied Moving & Storage, we are passionate about streamlining the moving process, which is why we rank as one of the top long distance moving companies in Phoenix.

As part of the services that we provide for long-distance moving, we provide assistance with early-stage planning, accountable moving services, as well as open and honest communication throughout the process.

Understanding a Long-Distance Move with Berger, Among Top Long Distance Moving Companies

Long distance moving companies provide a service that is unique from local / intrastate moves. A long distance move typically involves transporting a customer’s belongings across state lines, although it can also mean staying within the same state but traveling over 200 miles.

Our team at Berger Allied is an expert in this kind of move. We maintain a nationwide network of agents all under the Berger umbrella, which allows us to coordinate long-distance moves efficiently and safely. We don’t have to worry about sending trucks far away from our Phoenix offices because they can rendezvous with any of our other 16 locations.

For more than a century, we have been dedicated to high-quality moving services. What makes us unique at Berger Allied is our experience and our unparalleled growth. Our years of knowledge combined with exposure to the moving industry in multiple states allow us to offer cheap, reliable, and professional long-distance moves to our customers in Phoenix.

Professional Moving Assistance

Instead of taking a chance with other long distance moving companies, look to Berger Allied Moving & Storage for consistency and excellence. We take pride in our moving services. Get your free, no-obligation quote today.

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602 S 54th Avenue
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