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Get your Moving Checklist from our Long Distance Moving Company in Phoenix, AZ

Don’t know how to start planning for your upcoming move? We can help you at Berger Allied with our basic moving checklist to set you off on the right foot. Our long distance moving company in Phoenix, AZ has overseen a great many long-haul transfers. As such, we’re well-versed when it comes to organizing all aspects of a relocation, regardless of its eventual destination. So, if you’re not sure where to start, start right here with our moving checklist that gives you an overview of what to do and when to do it.

Start Preparing at Least Two Months Ahead with your Long Distance Moving Company

  • Ideally, long distance moving should be planned as early as possible. Give yourself at the very least two months for everything, including booking your long distance moving company.
  • Once you know your transfer date, create a list of utilities and other companies and call them to change your address. Also, contact the postal office to get your forwarding service started.
  • Speed up packing – especially if you’re in a rush – by enlisting a junk removal service and professional packers.
  • If you’re living in an apartment or condo complex, make arrangements to reserve the elevators and a parking spot for the truck as soon as you know your moving date.

Hire Long Distance Moving Company Packers – or Pack a Little Every Day

  • Pick up packing supplies the moment you know you’re moving. On your moving checklist, make sure to write down the usual items like packaging tape, boxes, and labels. Also take note of other things you may need for your particular move like bubble wrap, packaging paper, and markers.
  • Ask your long distance moving company about insurance. Figure out whether you’ll need to purchase extra for valuable or fragile items.
  • Don’t forget to label everything clearly, so your movers know where each box should go without you having to direct them.

One Week Before your Long Distance Moving Company Arrives

  • Pack an overnight bag with toiletries and clothes, plus essential documents, that will cover all you need for the first one to two nights.
  • Pack and clean-out your washroom. Those items will be needed immediately once you arrive, so pack these closer to your moving day – but not last-minute.
  • Take out all fragile items from your desks and dressers and pack them appropriately.
  • Make sure your electronics are securely packed. Double check there are no loose items hanging around.
  • Take down and pack all hanging items, decorations, and pictures.

What to Do on the Day your Long Distance Moving Company Arrives

  • Pack up the linens, blankets, and pillows from your beds.
  • Make sure everything has been taken out of your appliances.
  • Do one last walkthrough to check cabinets, closets, and rooms after the truck is loaded, before it leaves.

Looking for experienced, knowledgeable help from a long distance moving company? Call us today at Berger Allied Moving and Storage for excellent service and outstanding moving support in Phoenix, AZ.

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