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Commercial Moving and Storage in Phoenix, AZ

For your upcoming commercial relocation, trust our experienced, knowledgeable professionals to get your business safely to its next location. When it comes to moving a company, it takes a great deal of planning, organization, and an expert workforce. With Berger Allied Moving and Storage in Phoenix, businesses can rest assured their employees, products, and company items are in experienced, capable hands. Who should you call for unsurpassed, friendly service? Call the experts – that’s us, Berger Allied.

Who Should I Call for Moving and Storage in Phoenix?

At Berger Allied Moving and Storage in Phoenix, our pros are well-versed when it comes to the ins and outs of commercial moving. Whether it’s transferring a single employee or moving a whole office building, relocating a business is indeed a complex undertaking. Without a doubt, you cannot entrust an amateur team with such a task – that would be doomed to failure. That’s because there are too many things at stake that require knowledgeable specialists, movers that do this day-in and day-out. So, when you need moving and storage in Phoenix – services that are excellent, bar none – give us a call at Berger Allied.

We Make Office Moves Easy!

Documents, paperwork, computers, electronics, furniture, décor – you name it, we can move it! We can even assist employees and their families during long-haul relocations, thanks to our global network of resources. Providing your company with excellent, helpful movers, we make office moves super simple. It all starts with a call to our Berger Allied relocation specialists, who would then go over every aspect of your transfer to assess what services your business would need. From packing to labelling boxes, disassembly to loading, shipping to on-site configuration, we ensure efficient, seamless service.

What We Can Offer

The best trait to have in your office movers is thoroughness. When you move offices, you don’t want to lose time to inefficiencies or mistakes, and the best way to avoid those is by preparing as much as possible before the move. Berger Allied makes thoroughness our top priority.

Each of our office moving plans is fully customized to your business, including using CAD layouts to determine how to arrange our truck loads. We do a sweep of your business’s assets to determine what objects need special treatment, and what delicate equipment needs special handling. We also work with you to make plans for assembly and disassembly of computer networks, and we can coordinate moves to our warehouse if there are some items you don’t want at your new office.

Experience Pays Off

The office moving services we offer at Berger Allied are some the best around. We know because these moving services have helped carry us from a one-office company in St Paul to a business with 17 locations across the nation. Our Phoenix branch has been open for over 10 years, but Berger Allied is a business with over a hundred years of experience in the moving industry.

What does that mean for you? It means that the process our office movers use for your Phoenix business has been vetted, improved, and integrated by managers in all 17 of our locations. We understand the value of cooperation, and we work with our regional managers to constantly refine our moving procedures.  The result is a fast, flexible office moving process that can handle any kind of move. It gives us the kind of result that simply isn’t available anywhere else.

Call us today at Berger Allied Moving and Storage in Phoenix to find out how we can help you!

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