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Moving Out Of State In Chandler Heights, AZ

If you are Considering Moving Out of State, Call Berger Allied

Whether you’re moving out of state or to Arizona, Chandler Heights residents need a relocation company they can trust for such a major transfer. While you may be tempted to call on a low-rated or unrated team to get this big job done, you’re better off skipping this altogether. Why should you, you may ask? Well, even though you may think you’ll be saving a few bucks, in the end, you might be caught in a veritable nightmare instead. The truth is, these lesser-known crews typically use pressure tactics to string you along, making you think you’re getting an amazing deal on a quote, when the reality is, the end price will be riddled with fees and extras. But, if you’re still not sure what to do, we’d like you to consider the following tips to ensure the best out of state moving crew.

#1 – Get That Price In Writing

It’s fine and dandy to claim their team can ship the contents of your entire house cross-country for cheap, but that price doesn’t mean anything if it’s not in writing. Don’t get caught in this scheme as it can really come back to haunt you when all is said is done. Instead, request that everything that was discussed prior to a move is put in writing, most especially the final cost of the whole relocation.

#2 – Watch Out For Low-Ball Weigh-in Offers

Watch out for low-ball offers when it comes time for the weigh-in. The thing is, many people don’t realize that a quote is merely the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t actually have full relevance on the final sale price until all the items have been weighed. Yes, that’s right, weight accounts for a substantial amount of transportation costs. As such, don’t get drawn in by crews that claim your items weigh a whole lot less than what they actually do. Remember, once your belongings are on that truck, you’ll likely to be charged a pretty penny if you’re not keeping an eye on this.

#3 – It’s Not A Proper Quote Unless It’s Detailed

As we say at Berger Allied, it’s not a proper quote unless it’s detailed. Therefore, make sure everything is not only in writing but is also clearly itemized and specified. Again, if it’s not in writing, it might as well be a figment of your imagination. So, ask the crew to clarify such things as hourly rates and fees for additional services, as well as the price for extra supplies to help you pack for moving out of state.

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