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Get Moving Company Quotes In Blackwater, AZ

In Blackwater, AZ, it may not be easy to get moving company quotes that are detailed and straightforward. Sometimes, depending on which team you’re dealing with, you may get the run-around when you’re simply trying to acquire the specifics on how much your relocation will cost in the end. You’d think it was simple enough to get a price, but sometimes with low-rated or unrated teams – which can often be scammers – you don’t get a clear-cut answer. It’s a huge problem, for sure. Yet, you can avoid these issues entirely when you opt for moving company quotes from top-rated, licensed, insured crews like Berger Allied. Call us today and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our packages actually are in Blackwater, AZ!

Here are a few suggestions from our Berger Allied pros on how to steer clear of hiring amateurs, or worse – scammers:

Get that price in writing.

Before all else, after your initial in-home assessment, get that price in writing. With an official, detailed document in-hand, you have proof of their asking price for the transfer. Should the evaluator not be able to provide you with a paper copy of the costs, then have them send it to you by mail or e-mail. Remember, without the paperwork, there’s simply no way to protect yourself once your personal effects are loaded on the moving truck. At that point, it’s your word against theirs – which is never a good position to be in – and they can stick you with an invoice that cites a completely different price.

Only agree to a contract that’s clearly detailed.

Typically, moving company quotes in Blackwater, AZ include the hourly rate for crew members – often based on how many workers you’ll need for your relocation and the truck size. As such, only agree to a contract that’s clearly detailed to avoid nasty surprises at the end of the move. Ideally, the contract should include the following information:

  • estimated hours for your transfer.
  • the hourly rate for truck(s) and movers.
  • information on breaks, and who’s responsible for paying the crew at during that time.
  • an itemized list of items to be shipped.
  • the cost of fuel.
  • the cost of other services or accessories that may be required, like charges for packing tape, mattress bags, extra boxes, or blankets.

Be wary of weight amounts that sound suspicious.

Lastly, we wary of weight amounts that sound off – it’s a big, red flag. Usually, when the numbers are too low, it points to shady sales tactics. As a common method scammers use to get people to sign their contracts, those who hire the services are then stuck with a crazy invoice once the work is complete. At which point if they don’t pay the invoice, the truck – and the belongings within – are seized.


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