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The Importance Of Quality Moving Supplies In Euclid, OH

Whether you’re transferring your medical clinic to downtown Euclid, OH or relocating your family to another state, never underestimate the importance of quality moving supplies. When you don’t make them a priority -opting for cheaper products – precious belongings end up scratched, dented or worse – damaged beyond repair. Indeed, there’s a long list of things to do when planning and preparing for a move. From transferring utilities to changing your address to enlisting expert Berger Allied movers, every single detail can seem like an aggravating waste of time.

With this in mind, it’s essential to make your transfer as stress-free as possible by opting for professional-grade, high-quality moving supplies that ensure minimal packing problems. Here’s some additional advice about moving supplies from our Euclid, OH Berger Allied pros.

Skip The Freebies

If picking up a few boxes from the local grocery store sounds like an excellent plan, think again. There’s a reason why they’re all piled up in the trash. Sure, one or two of them may be in good condition, but mostly, they’re torn, cut open, broken, and often exposed to the weather. All of these factors greatly compromise their strength and integrity. You’re better off skipping these freebies to instead purchase new, sturdy, corrugated boxes.

The More Padding, The Better

When it comes to protecting your items, there’s nothing better than padding. In fact, it’s a crucial element for packing, minimizing the chance that fragile pieces are damaged. While newspaper is typically the material of choice – due to ample quantities and cheap cost – there are a number of drawbacks to using it. Not only is it abrasive, but it also often leaves ink all over your hands and belongings. In the end, that means extra work since you’ll need to clean those items. Instead, consider using bubble wrap, air pillows, soft foam, or Styrofoam peanuts.

Tape It Well

Don’t be stingy with the packing tape when it’s time to seal your moving boxes, taping the whole box all the way around. Use those heavy-duty moving supplies to your advantage – the last thing you want is to arrive at your new destination after a long trip from Euclid, OH, only to find your items weren’t secured at all!


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