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Local Moves from Moving Companies in Cleveland

Moves don’t have to be interstate or international to be complicated. We know that moving can be a stressful time for you and your family, and we are here to help. Our team at Berger Allied beats other moving companies near you because we can give you some of the best support around. We provide plenty of information to help you on your move, as well as individual attention so you know we care.

Your Moving Plan

The smoothest moves are the ones that can be planned from start to finish. While not every detail of your local move needs to get planned out, most moving companies agree that it’s good to have a firm idea of what items need to be moved, when everything needs to be boxed, and what needs special attention. We do this with our moving surveys and customized moving plans.

At the beginning of our relationship, one of our moving consultants will get in touch to learn more about your household and your needs. They will discuss what belongings you have and what sorts of bulky or heavy items will be coming along. Common items like beds, desks, and dressers may need to be accounted for. In addition, you may have fragile items that need special attention. Sometimes it’s easy for these to slip your mind – don’t forget those glass lampshades up in the attic!

After the discussion, we will put together a custom moving plan for you as well as an estimate. You discuss pricing options and expectations at this time. When you choose to work with us, the consultant passes their plan on to the moving team so they can be ready.

Relocating somewhere new can be a stressful process. The move shouldn’t have to be stressful too. Contact (330) 208-9944 to get in touch with one of the best moving companies near you.

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