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Moving Company Quotes: Watch Out For These 3 Things In Garden Ridge, TX

Whether you live in Garden Ridge, TX, New York City or Denver, CO, you’ll need to watch out for these three things when it comes to moving company quotes: price in writing, the weight of items, and a detailed contract. Do your homework ahead of time and plan your relocation to minimize stress. At Berger Allied, we recommend you keep in mind that the best transfer team isn’t necessarily the cheapest one. Rock-bottom pricing doesn’t usually lead to a positive experience. Plus, you should wonder why they’re capable of offering something that sounds too good to be true. Read the following information to avoid an all-out disaster on your big day!

Get It In Writing

Always get moving company quotes in writing without exception. If the information isn’t in writing, you may have just wasted your time. A verbal price doesn’t carry much clout, considering there’s no paper trail, thus no proof. In the event that you don’t get everything in writing, ask for the crew to send you the details by mail or email.

Keep Your Eye On Weight

With short or long-distance relocations, the weight of items when loaded on the truck play a huge role in end pricing. Always question a low-ball weight quote as this is a typical sales tactic questionable companies use to draw clients in. Remember, once your belongings are loaded, you’re stuck paying for the transfer, so an initial quote that cites unrealistic weight can skyrocket your costs.

All Details Need To Be On Paper

Again, moving company quotes lack details, which is essentially the specific cost of your particular move, then you’re in for a big surprise, and a bad one at that! Make sure to get every single detail possible on paper. Have them add the pricing for such things as:

  • The hourly rate for workers.
  • An estimated number of hours needed for the job.
  • The necessary equipment included in the contract.
  • Travel time expenses, to and from the destination.
  • Whether or not you’re responsible for paying for break times.
  • Additional fuel costs or surplus charges.
  • The specific number of boxes and items to be shipped.
  • Other accessories or services you may need, like mattress bags, blankets, runners, or packaging tape.

In southern Comal County, Texas, Garden Ridge is known as San Antonio’s jewel and is a mere 20 miles from downtown San Antonio. So, it’s no surprise that Berger Allied regularly assists with so many relocations in the area. If you’re thinking of transferring to the region, give us a call!

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17745 Lookout Road, Suite 240
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