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Lab Relocation Services In Tampa

Laboratory moves are some of the most challenging in the moving industry. At Berger Allied, we offer experienced teams of laboratory movers with the expertise needed to ensure the move is completed to your standards and safety requirements. We can move all aspects of a lab, including sensitive equipment and electronics.

Our laboratory relocation services in Tampa are available to help your lab move across the city, the state, or around the country. We have extensive experience in relocating all types of private lab facilities and hospital and medical clinic labs. We often complete our lab relocation as part of a larger facility relocation service, or we can work with private labs moving to new a building anywhere in the USA.

The Importance of Experienced Lab Relocation Services

Planning a lab move is very different than other types of commercial or industrial moves. Our team will visit your lab, allowing our lab equipment movers to assess the needs of your specific facility. We develop an understanding of any specific requirements, such as temperature control during the move, and coordinate our services so everything is planned and double-checked before moving day.

Our teams of lab movers will arrive with the necessary supplies and equipment to quickly, efficiently, and securely move your laboratory. We also offer packing crews that work in advance of our movers to have everything securely packed and ready to be moved to the trucks. As with all our moving services, we also set up the lab at the destination based on your specifications.

When you need professional lab moving companies in Tampa, call on the team at Berger Allied. To talk to a laboratory moving specialist, call us at 866-969-5040.


Do you move laboratory equipment and furniture?

With experience, our team fully understands how to handle laboratory equipment and furniture moving. We work with you to learn about any limitations or expectations for your equipment. We will then organize your laboratory transfer and use every bit of protective resources available to secure your move. We build a plan and use specialized packing techniques to ensure safety along the way.

Do you perform an on-site walk-through before estimating price?

The best way for us to provide you with an accurate price is to provide a walkthrough of your location. This gives us a better idea of what types of materials and equipment you need to be moved and the setup you have. This process takes a few minutes but can help us provide a fair, accurate quote for services.

What type of lab equipment do you move?

Our extensive experience in moving laboratory material and equipment means that we can handle most types of equipment for you. If you have specialized needs, we offer trucks, trailers, and other transportation to move it carefully and properly, minimizing any type of risks to your equipment. If you have specialized equipment, please let us know so we can create a plan for transporting it for you.

How do I prepare before laboratory moving?

One of the first things to do is to connect with us so we can create a plan for you. Our team will work with you to plan the entire process. We will also create a plan for what you need to do, such as handling any sensitive information and materials.

How do I obtain a laboratory moving estimate?

To obtain an estimate for all of the services we offer, just give us a call. Our team will schedule a time to visit your location or gather information to set up a plan and to provide you with a quote for the moving that you need.