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Before Your Glendale, AZ Mover Leaves, Take These Must-Have Items with You!

The entire relocation process is pretty crazy, but it’s made even crazier if you forget to pack certain items. So, before your Glendale, AZ mover packs the last box in the shipping container, make sure you’ve kept these must-have items close by because you’ll certainly need them! The first few days at your new residence or workplace may be a bit frustrating since it’s hard to locate necessary things like car keys, phone chargers and, of course, your wallet. But thanks to our Berger Allied checklist, you’ll be smiling instead of crying because you’re well-prepared!


No matter how amazing your professional mover is, they may not be able to locate your asthma pump or medication in an entire shipping container bound for Crystal Creek after it has been sealed. And so, if there are any prescription meds you absolutely can’t do without, make sure to put them somewhere safe when packing and placing items onto the truck. Also, in case a headache or other pain creeps up, pack an over-the-counter pain relief medication.


Possibly, the most important item is your wallet as it contains hard-to-replace ID, bank and credit cards, not to mention cash. In the hustle and hubbub, pay close attention not to misplace your wallet or purse. If accidentally packed, they’ll be almost impossible to find and create a huge amount of stress. When keeping your wallet and purse in a secure location, always put it in the same spot to prevent confusion. Along with your wallet, a purse or school bag is a great item for medication, important papers, and your checkbook. Keeping them all together in one spot makes everything easier to find.

Important Paperwork

No matter what type of relocation, your Berger Allied team is a full-service mover that can assist with transfers within Maricopa County. Depending on where you’re moving to, you may have a lot of paperwork on your hands. So, if you’re relocating the family from Braeview to Los Angeles or simply transferring your Bellair company to the Copperwood district, feel free to ask our helpful representatives about any paperwork. Once everything is complete, store paperwork in your bag or purse for a smooth transition.


Like wallets, we tend to misplace our house and car keys. It may sound like a silly reminder, but it’s essential to keep these keys in a safe place. Imagine driving from your Woodridge condo to your new Zanjero residence, but are unable to unload the shipping container because you’ve no clue where you’ve placed your house keys! Skip that scenario by keeping them secure in your bag or purse.

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