As the largest port in Florida and one of the largest in the nation, Tampa moves a lot of goods in and out every day to and from all over the world. Those goods often need a place to stay, whether temporarily or for long-term storage. As a company with more than a century of experience in the Tampa Bay area, there isn’t a better choice for commercial storage solutions in Tampa than Berger Allied. Our more than 100 years of experience, full-service nationwide warehousing locations, and access to the world’s largest moving network mean Berger Allied can deliver the most flexible, safe and reliable storage and asset management services for businesses of all sizes and needs.


Complete Warehousing & Storage Services

Since 1910, Berger Allied has been focused on delivering the best warehousing and storage services in Tampa, and we continue to make improvements that help us better serve our customers with whatever type of commercial storage solutions they need. The numerous advantages we provide our customers include:

  • Technology — Berger Allied’s commitment to utilizing the most advanced technology in the industry means we are always on the cutting edge in helping our customers gain competitive advantages and drive greater efficiencies. Our warehouse facilities feature integrated inventory management, reporting and tracking systems. These include computerized barcode inventory management, web-based real-time reporting, and online order placing and tracking. Our technology helps bring speed, efficiency and accountability to everything we do for our customers.
  • Asset management services — The warehousing services provided by Berger Allied help Tampa-based businesses get their products where they need to be faster. These services help customers streamline the process of moving their assets from trucks into storage and to their final destinations. With the level of white-glove service provided by Berger Allied, we can even help customers get their goods directly to their customers’ homes. No matter what type of asset management services you require, Berger Allied can provide it, including cross-docking, order fulfillment, assembly, order picking, labeling, customized freight transportation and office moving services.
  • Warehousing — No one in Tampa has as much experience with warehousing services as Berger Allied. Whether you need to store goods locally or elsewhere, we have more than 1 million square feet of storage space spread across 17 full-service nationwide facilities for whatever you need. These temperature-controlled facilities feature security approved for military applications, and are flexible enough to provide commercial storage solutions for short-term, seasonal and long-term needs. When your goods are stored at one of Berger Allied’s warehouse facilities, you’ll know they’re being kept safe.


Local Leaders

Tampa has been one of Florida’s most important ports for a long time, and Berger Allied has been serving Tampa for just as long. Whenever you need commercial warehousing and distribution solutions in Tampa and for whatever reason, you can be confident that Berger Allied has the expertise and experience needed to deliver the best-quality service to help you serve your customers more effectively and efficiently.