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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Berger has a base rate of 54% of net line haul and 90% for accessorial charges.  These are based on agency retained revenue.

Yes, Berger pays additional amounts for “Top 20” and “Master Mover” qualified drivers.

Yes, depending on equipment type, driver ranking, and whether you are a local or long-haul contractor we have various programs we are happy to discuss.

Our driver’s annual average 1099 gross revenues are between $344,000 and $420,000

Contractors are paid when completed sets of papers are turned in.  Typical processing time is 2 to 7 business days.

Statements are run and available in the driver portal every Sunday evening.  Paper copies are available on request.

Yes.  We have a driver referral program for each driver you bring on, the amount of the referral depends on the referred driver’s equipment and driver ranking.


The operations manager at the branch will work with you and the regional dispatch on you trips.

The regional dispatch plans outbound trips in their area.  They also work with the regional dispatch in your destination region to get your return.  Some drivers like to talk directly to the regional dispatch, where as some like to work through their operations manager.  Berger tries to be as flexible as possible.

That depends if you want to run local/short haul or long-haul.  If local/short haul, you are home most nights.  Most long-haul Berger drivers run from the area their office is located into another area that Berger has offices.  Every effort is made to run the drivers out and back.

Berger strives to keep their drivers as busy as possible and request that you let inform your dispatch team know ahead of your return trip of when you will be off duty and when you will be ready to be dispatched.

Yes, you can request to run to certain areas; regional dispatch works with to keep you busy and as profitably as possible.

No.  Berger does not require their regional and long-haul contractors to live in their agent’s city.


Berger does not have trucks for sale or lease.  We do have access to trucks which contractors can get on a lease purchase plan.

Berger has one of the best maintained fleets in the moving industry.  Most branches get 1-3 new HHG trailer every year.

Berger provides pads, straps, walk boards, beams, piano boards, and straps. Drivers provide any additional tools needed.


Most drivers have their favorite labor.  If not Berger regional dispatch and your operations manager will assist.   

Yes, regional dispatch or your operations manager will set up rentals as needed through Berger national account.  Your statement is charged for the invoices and any additional shuttle fees.

Berger has 4 main buckets to pull tonnage from.  National account, COD, Military and Van Line. Our regional dispatch groups look at all the available tonnage to build full profitable trips.

That is up to you. One of the advantages to Berger’s structure is that not only is someone working with Berger tonnage at your home office, but in general the area you are headed to also has a regional group working with Berger NA, including the branches COD sales, Military carriers and van line schedulers.


Most completed applications take 7-12 business days to get a temporary qualification.  This can be impacted by incomplete applications and jurisdictions that take additional time to provide the DOT required information.  Turning in a complete qualification packet is key to a quick qualification process.