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International Relocation

The key to a good international move is planning.

Bearing in mind that it can take weeks to ship your goods to another part of the world, there is simply no room for last minute rushes. In essence, your entire move has three key operations:


This means deciding what to take, what to dispose of, what to store and sorting out the paperwork. One thing you can be certain of – it will take longer than you think! You will have to organize yourself based on a number of factors the most important of which may be the CUSTOMS REQUIREMENTS of the country of destination. Or the voltage compatibility of your present electronic devises.

We also cannot forget about kids and pets and their specific needs during an international assignment. Please consult your 3M SHIPPING POLICY for their guidelines.

The Journey

You need to work out how much of your shipment is to go by sea or air. You may save hotel bills by sending some of your belongings in advance by air. In either case it is important to omit those items defined as hazardous by the U.S. Transportation Department.

Also think how quickly you will need your belongings once you are at destination- you must consider these high priority when discussing your move with the move counselor.

We always recommend that you check with the State Department before traveling abroad. You can find information from them regarding the country you will be moving to, as well as the surrounding countries. It is recommended that you review the background notes section of the State Department’s website prior to traveling. Click here to visit their website.

All shipments leaving the United States require an EIN (Employer Identification Number). The EIN replaces the Social Security numbers as the main identifier in the US Export System. It is a Requirement  that you Apply for an EIN as soon as possible. The application process is simple and takes about 10 minutes. EIN On-Line Application


We focus on communication with you throughout the journey, but it is also import for you to update us regarding any changes with your travel status.

Many countries require your presence in order for your items to clear customs. Please plan on being available the entire day your items are scheduled to be delivered.

International Links

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Transit Protection

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