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Domestic Relocation

The key to a good move is planning.

Relocating your life is downright stressful. Stay on top of it all with our timeline, a week-by-week moving checklist of everything you need to get done between now and move day.

Day Before Move

  • Identify items needing special attention. Mark items that should not be packed or moved.
  • If you are doing your own packing, make sure everything is ready to go before moving day. Upon arrival, the driver will check to see if boxes have been properly packed.
  • Unplug all electronic appliances 24 hours in advance of a move, except plasma televisions, so that they will be at room temperature on moving day. This includes home computers, stereos and audio/video equipment.

Load Day

Make it a point to be on hand to see that all of your goods are loaded; remain close by until loading is complete. After making a final tour of the house, check and sign the inventory list. Be sure to get your copy from the van operator and keep it safe. Communicate with your move coordinator and ask any remaining questions about your moving services.

There will be some necessary paperwork on the big day:

  • High-Value Inventory form: complete and sign stating whether or not items of extraordinary value are included in the shipment.
  • Bill of Lading/Freight Bill: includes the terms and conditions under which your goods are moved and is also your receipt for the shipment.
  • Extraordinary (Unusual) Value Article Declaration: If applicable, check this box on the Bill of Lading.
  • Give the van operator the exact destination address.

Be sure to let the van operator know how you can best be reached, pending the arrival of your belongings.

Take a last look around…

  • Water shut off?
  • Furnace and air conditioner shut off?
  • Light switches turned off?
  • All utilities arranged for disconnection with service providers?
  • Windows shut and locked?
  • Old house keys and garage door openers surrendered?
  • Have you left anything?

Delivery Day

Be on hand to accept delivery. If you cannot be there personally, be sure to authorize an adult to be your representative to accept delivery and pay the moving charges for you.

Check your household goods as they are unloaded. If you notice any damage or that something is missing, personally report any it to your salesperson or move coordinator. If there is any change in the condition of your property from what is noted on the inventory list, note discrepancies on the van operator’s copy of the inventory. By signing the inventory, you are acknowledging receipt of all items listed.

It always helps to have a guide. Place a floor plan of your new home by the entrance, so the movers can determine where each piece of furniture should go.

Keep all your moving documents in a safe place. You will need them for verification of moving expenses when you file your federal income tax returns.

To prevent any possible damage, leave appliances and electronics turned off for about 24 hours while they adjust to new room temperatures.

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