Records Management Storage – Document Storage

RecordsStorage01Berger’s records management storage solutions cater directly to the needs of individuals and businesses that need more effective means of storing and organizing files and documents. We have an inventory management system, fully-equipped warehouse and organizational methods in place to store and manage however many files you have. We have the security and confidentiality you require when storing your records and documents off-site.

Document Storage and Management from the Experts

Records Management Storage SecurityBerger has over 100 years of experience needed for effective records management and storage processes. You know that when you entrust Berger with your sensitive files and documents, your records are in the most capable hands. Our customized solutions cater directly to your short-term or long-term storage needs.

Berger’s Document Storage Facilities

Our storage facilities feature on-site surveillance and are equipped with theft and fire protection systems. Your records will be stored in the cleanest, most secure environment possible at our facilities. Berger’s warehouses have inventory management processes in place to ensure the meticulous organization of your files. When you are ready to retrieve your records, whether you need one file or 100, we can quickly locate and pull these documents for you. We can then arrange for the pick up or delivery of these records when you need them.

Trust in Berger for Document Storage

Our records management storage solutions are unparalleled in the industry. Our monthly rates are competitively priced, and you can rest assured your sensitive files and documents will be expertly inventoried and managed. Contact Berger today to arrange your records management and storage services with the company boasting a century of experience.

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